Women of the Scriptures Prints set of 8

Women of the Scriptures Prints set of 8

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These "Women of the Scriptures" are paired with the Young Women values (and their colors).


The leaves around the women are laurel leaves. It is not just representing the "Laurel class" in Young Women, rather, it is symbolic. There are many ancient symbols of these leave but the one I liked the most was the symbol of achievement. I feel all of these women accomplished great things in their lives. Many of them faced great obstacles and overcame them- of course with help the Lord. They are great examples to us!


If you look, you'll find in their hands (or arms), major pieces of their stories. What do you see? What are they holding? How do you think they represent that particular value? 


These make a great gift for multiple occasions. Whether it's New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, a welcome gift for a new Beehive, or simply a gift for your daughter. These prints serve as a reminder of women who have come before us, who we are as women and our potential.


Prints are available in two different sizes; 5x7 inches and 8x10 inches