New Testament Scripture Doodles Dry Erase Cards Set of 26 WITH felt envelope

New Testament Scripture Doodles Dry Erase Cards Set of 26 WITH felt envelope

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***Comes with a pink/salmon colored felt envelope***


With these dry erase cards your child can get to know the New Testament better. Many of these cards are referenced with scriptural accounts from the KJV of the Bible accompanied with thoughtful questions and illustrations so that your child comes to a deeper love and understanding of our savior, Jesus Christ. These cards are perfect for your little artist they are wipe clean so that they can doodle on them again and again.


Recommended age is 5+ or able to read. I have sat down and assisted my 5 and 3 year old and they also enjoyed it! (Working on it for an 1.5+ hour the first time around!)


Size A5, quality print and cellophane layer.


Dry erase marker NOT included


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Sometimes I make really dumb, yet costly mistakes. Once upon a time I considered doing a "download edition", it never came to anything. However, I made a file where I made it clear on the back that it was a "download edition" (you never know the quality at which your product will be printed so I wanted to be sure people knew it was a download. Silly, I know). Somehow I mixed up files and sent the download one to the printer rather than the original. I am now left with 200 sets with "download edition" on the back. Therefore, I'm offering it at a lower price. Other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cards. Every page is still the same.


I’d love to see how you and your family incorporate this into your “Come Follow Me” home study this year as you study the New Testament. Please feel free to tag me on Instagram (@ldzstudios) or on Facebook (L.DzStudios) - I’d really love to see how you use my products and illustrations 💕


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me.


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