angels foretold of baby jesus

"See the familiar nativity story in a whole new light! This illustrated picture book shows how Heavenly Father prepared his people by sending angels to share the good news of the Savior's birth. From Isaiah till the night Jesus was born, this book is sure to inspire the whole family at Christmastime and all year long!"

It was a dream come true to be able to illustrate a chidren's book for Cedar Fort Publishing co. 

This book is sold at your local Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Seagull Book, and Deseret Book (depending on location). Available year round on


so moechte ich sein


was haett jesus getan?

Sweet LDS cchildren's books. One featuring my Little Prphets, the other about baptism and following the example of Jesus (in so many simple ways). Both books can be found at

custom work for individuals and families

The Possibilities of Pippo (to the right) was a book I did for a friends baby shower. It was all her fun idea about their son deciding what to be when he grew up. Illustrations depicting a fireman, police man, professor, artist, etc. Until he finally decided he wanted to be like Mom and Dad. I illustrated it and wrote it.

Mushroom Head (below) was a fun book I did as a request from my sister in law. She wanted to turn a book she and my brother wrote together about obedience (taken from an event in my brothers life) as a surprise for him! Way too cute!


The Song of the Pearl (left and right) was a book I did for a sweet grandmother for her daughters and grand-daughters. A book depicting a young girl that goes on a dangerous mission. In order to return home to live with her family again, she must retrieve her pearl from the evil dragon. Based on The Hymn of the Pearl, a Gnostic myth quoted on the apocryphal work entitled The Acts of the Apostle Thomas. You can purchase it on

collaborations with other small businesses

I was honored with the opportunity to illustrate and design the cover to four workbooks by Come Follow Me FHE. These workbooks are packed full of awesome activities for your children so that they can be more engaged in the scriptures as we follow the Come Follow Me program the church has come out with. You can get a subscription here: